August 2022 Epic Award Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the Top 8 Epic Service Award Winners!


Jacqueline Bucklan – Rooms - Osprey

On the morning of 8/3 we had a guest report of strange behavior in the parking lot in front of the hotel. According to the guest, he was blocking one of the townhomes (that was in house) and he appeared to defecate next to his car, he took off his pants and proceeded to wander around wiping himself with them. Public Safety came up looking for the man. Jackie cleaned up the man's mess to prevent owner's pets from getting into it. She also communicated with the owners as we waited for enough time to pass to have the car towed as the owner was not able to drive their cars as they were blocked for the day. The owner was very appreciative with the communication throughout the day. We are still waiting for the man to return for his car. 

John Hansen – Maintenance Avon

John was called out afterhours for people trapped in an elevator.  When he arrived the fire department was already there and ready to use the "jaws of life" on the elevator cab to free the people. That would have led to extreme costs to repair and an elevator out of service for an extended period of time. John worked some magic and the people were set free.  

Shari Wilson – Bachelor Gulch Club

Shari was in the Member's Lounge in the Bachelor Gulch Club, when she noticed one of our elderly members, rushing out the door. She appeared to be in distress, so Shari followed her out, to the Ladies Restroom. She poked her head in to see if everything was ok, to find the member upset and said she "was cleaning up her mess". Shari could have just turned around and went back to the lounge, but instead, she chose to help. Shari asked if she was ok, and she was mortified, or course. Shari then went to find her son, and let him know he needed to go home and get clothing. Even after doing this, Shari went back into the restroom, where she comforted this member while they waited. Helping is great service, but sitting on the counter and letting her know it's going to be ok, is Epic Service

David Guiterman – Children's Ski School

Dave is well-known person at Ski School, and he has many different skills. He is trustworthy and reliable. Everyone is aware of his availability for almost everything you could require. People routinely say, "Guiterman can help". And he does! In order to advance with the renovation, PSS is nominating him today for all his help in cleaning out the ticket office of the last bits of debris from the flood. It isn't fun work, and it really isn't his job - but since it just needs to get done - he does it!  Thank you Dave.


Jim Duffy – Summer Trail Mtce 

Jim is a new Heavy Equipment operator this season. He was worked as a landscaper for years in the valley. He has transformed the bottom and top of the lifts in McCoy Park. It is beautiful as he brought his talents from a landscaping background to Beaver Creek. Go look at McCoy Park if you get a chance!


Canyon Eck – Summer Trail Mtce

Canyon Eck is a well rounded Heavy Equipment operator. He has been a huge factor for the past 2 seasons in help building McCoy Park. He has great attitude and will take on any task that is asked. For not having a Heavy Equipment background when he first started, he has exceeded our expectations daily. 

Keith "Sammy" Samuelson – Summer Trail Mtce

Sammy has been a huge factor for the revegetation out in McCoy Park. It looks like we had never disturbed that area. He is a hard worker and always has a good attitude. The Forest Service has applauded trail crews work and boasts that Beaver Creek is the standard for earth work and revegetation in the corporation. Sammy's work is one of the main reasons Beaver Creek is the gold standard. 


Babette Ponder – Bachelor Gulch Club

Babette was on a bike ride with the club members and noticed one of the members, who is 70 years old, beginning to slow his pace and show signs of exhaustion while trying to keep up with the group. Babette rode up next to him to check on him and reminded him to drink his water and eat a snack, which he did. He felt a little better and wanted to continue the ride. She made the decision to stay right with him to better monitor his condition. She then asked him if telling him a story would help take his mind off the long climb. He agreed. Babette proceeded to tell a long story about Colorado history and Chief Ouray. Babette stayed right with him. By staying with him, she was able to set the pace for him so he did not try to keep up with the rest of the group and was able to monitor his breathing and water intake to ensure he did not decline. Thanks for making it a safe day for members.